Technical Features

Type: Vertical inline, Single/Double Cylinder, Water/Air Cooled, Compression Ignition, Four Stroke Cycle, Internal Combustion Diesel Engine 

Crankcase: Graded Cast Iron

Crankshaft: The under slung crankshaft is a steel stamping, induction hardened on crankpins and journals making possible several regrinds  

Valve : Arrangement Overhead two per cylinder, high grade wear resistant steel for valve seats with wear resistant face on intake and exhaust valve.

Piston: Low expansion aluminum alloy or graded cast iron.

Piston Lubrication: Oil splashing cools piston & provides lubrication
Connecting Rod: Drop forged

Fuel System :Flange mounted MICO / USHA fuel pump and Injector. Fuel filter with replaceable element

Air Filter: Large Capacity Oil bath air cleaners

Power take Off: Full Power take off from Flywheel end 

Bearings: Taper Roller Bearing (TRB) and Bush Bearing (BB)


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