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Since 1968 ,Hindustan Trading Corporation is at the fore front of technical excellence. Now for more than three decades Hindustan Trading Corporation has put it's heart and soul in manufacturing "state of the art" Diesel engines, Diesel Powered Generating sets and  Water pumping sets, Centrifugal Pumpsets, Diesel Engine spare parts.

Hindustan Trading Corporation believes in traveling that extra bit of  mile to convert the huge , never ending potential for Diesel engines into a long lasting relationship with it's customers -be it in India or abroad; by maintaining strict quality control ,and constant innovation. Because of stringent quality control system, products thus manufactured have high reliability and superior performance.

Hindustan Trading Corporation

'Liberty House’ 4-Mavdi Plot Rajkot 360 004 India 
Telephone: +91-281-388541, 388630 
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