Diesel Engines ,Water pumping sets ,Diesel powered Generating sets are the main  products of our kitty . We also deal in submersible pumps  and diesel engine spare parts .Diesel Engines  are  further  divided into two types Lister type and Petter type, it is further divided into further sub  categories like  Single cylinder and  Twin cylinder  engines . These again can be of two types  based on their cooling mechanism - Air cooled and water cooled. 

With a wide range of models varying from3.5 HP to 25 HP , Hindustan Trading Corporation caters to the needs of diverse segments .Our diesel engine finds it's use in various sectors and industries viz; Irrigation ,Power looms, Sugarcane crushers, Flour mills ,Electric generator ,Chaff crushers , Expeller ,Concrete mixer ,Vibrator, Turbine pump, Drilling machines , Winch Crab etc.

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