High lights of Diesels

Major Applications :

Agriculture Irrigation Pump set Power to stationary farm equipments, like Threshing, Chaff cutter, Huller etc.
Industrial Flour mills, Cotton Ginning, Expeller, Concrete Mixer, Vibrator, Drilling Machines, Winch crab, Sugar cane  crusher, Power looms etc. 
Marine Small Boat Propulsion. 
ElectricalPowerGeneration Diesel Gen. Sets are Manufactured in Single Phase with capacity range : 2-12 KVA at 240 Volts Unity P.F.  Three Phase with capacity range 5-20 KVA at 415  Volts 0.8 P.F. Used in Industries, Cinema Houses,  Commercial complexes & Domestic Light Purposes. 
Diesel Pump sets The Range of Diesel Pump Set in 3.5 - 25 HP, These are Suitable for 50 mm to 150 mm delivery pipe, Dia. Head range upto 30 Meters and Discharge range  upto 2280 Litres/Minute.  Used mainly for Agricultural Irrigation also as Industrial Pump sets. 

Mud Pump set (Self PrimingPump set)

No Priming is necessary while starting, Starts quickly.  Can handle solids also (can handle solids upto 23mm.  size) used for handling chemicals, petroleum products.  Ash water in thermal power plants. For dewatering in  public & civil Engineering. works & Fire fighting etc. In addition  we will be manufacturing Marine engines for fishing vessels shortly. 
Highlights of
Liberty Diesels
  • Continuous reliable operation.
  • Easy for operation, maintenance & servicing.
  • Low fuel consumption.
  • Low lubricating oil consumption.
  • Electric Starting system on Demand
  • Because of stringent quality control system,products thus manufactured have high reliability and superior performance.


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